Nancy Gilbert

Nancy Gilbert

Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert


Paul Gilbert, President


Executive Director– Bateman Foundation

Interim Director, Marketing – AGO

CEO – Thruyou social commerce

Brand Advisor – Level5

VP, Marketing – Aeroplan LLP

Creative Director & Partner – SGCI

Art Director & Partner – Remarkable

CEO & Art Director – Gilbert Creative

CEO & Head Designer – Gilbert Design

Assistant to Curator – Owens Art Gallery

Assistant to Curator – Agnes Etherington Arts Centre


Director – Earth Day Canada

Member – Ottawa Declaration GLAM Steering Committee


BFA, Hons – Mount Allison University

Robert Bateman: Sight Unseen Exhibition Catalogue 2014


Dr. Nancy Gilbert, Vice-President


Executive Director – Transform International

Director – WASRAG (Rotary International)

Project Manager – PIND ATED Centre, Nigeria

General Manager – Thruyou Social Commerce

Marketing Manager – Y des femmes, Montréal

District Govenor – Rotary International

President – Rotary Club

Account Manager – SGCI

Lawyer – Forbes, Roth, Basque

Lawyer – Private Practice


LLB - Osgoode Hall

New Brunswick Bar

DSSc – Royal Roads University



Calliope Consulting began in 2000


We started our company with the intention of only working on projects that challenged us. More or less, we have stuck to this. We've never worried too much about 'revenue.' If the project needed our help we gave it. If the project could afford our help we sent a bill. Mostly, we looked for ways to contribute to communities. 

Calliope's first project was the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre. Ultimately, it will be said that Calliope came into existence so we could do Jourimain. But then along came Air Canada and Aeroplan, Clarica (now SunLife), ThruYou.com, Level5, The Bateman Foundation, Coastal Naturalists, PIND (Nigeria), The Institute of National Museums of Rwanda and Transform International. Well, there are other projects but you get the gist.


What do we do?


Not an easy question to answer. We do design really well, but almost never as a stand alone project. We are experts at startups. Any aspect of startups: incorporation, boards, mission, vision, values, stakeholder relations, project design & management, communications and marketing. We think we are good at helping organizations who have lost their way, to rediscover their mojo, especially around vision, value and brand. We have incredible networks that we regularly leverage for our clients. Oh, and when necessary, we drop (almost) everything and take executive positions with our clients to provide transitional leadership if it's needed – pretty much anywhere in the world. 


Nice. Now what do we really do?


Huh. Well here is a list if you really insist:

·  Not-for-profit Leadership & Management

·  Fund-raising Planning & Communications

·  Brand Strategy & Implementation Management

·  Art Direction and Graphic Design

·  Interpretative Planning and Exhibition Design

·  Photography

·  Financial and Logistical Management (for all above)